These are comments made by people who have attended the IT Project Management Training Course

"I have never before been on a course where I've learnt something in every session and which had such practical application back at the workplace. I gained a huge amount - thank you very much."

"Went thoroughly through project management. Got people involved."

"Handouts: comprehensive guide for later use."

"Friendly atmosphere, excellent working examples, well structured content."

"An excellent combination of factual best practice, humour and interaction. Learned a great deal."

"Coverage of full project lifecycle with practical slant, not simply theory."

"Good variety of case studies, learnings and presentations."

"Made relevant for our industry where necessary, i.e. flexible."

"Free flowing, easy to understand. Excellent presenter."

"For me, it gives me a clear view of what I need going forward in my role."

"Great course, learnt a lot! Now need to kick some butt!"

"The best, most informative, interesting, practical and applicable training I have undertaken."

"Fantastic! Wish I could have completed 6 months ago."

"Thanks, everyone should do this course if they are or want to be a PM, Sponsor, User PM, project support or any project related role.

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