Project Planning

Planning a Project

In a one person project it's pretty easy to do the planning. However, if you have a project team of 100 people drawn from IT, Marketing, Finance and Logistics, it will not be self evident who will do what when, and project planning will be difficult - and vital if chaos and confusion are to be avoided.

Project Planning

People who are asked to do project planning are sometimes sent on a course that teaches how to use a project planning tool in the mistaken belief that the course will teach them how to plan.

Building the plan for a project requires understanding of the work that is to be done. Good Project Definition is a prerequisite to project planning.

Project Planning and Scheduling

Project Planning and Scheduling is one of the topics covered in this Free Online Project Management Course. The online course book covers the planning process starting from a blank sheet of paper through to sign off of the project plan. Many aspects of planning are covered including:

  • who does the planning
  • when it is done
  • pros and cons of planning tools
  • project tasks size
  • including project "overheads"
  • planning change and contingency
  • tracking against the project plan

    Who performs the Project Planning

    The project manager is responsible for planning the project but this need not mean that he or she does the planning themselves. The course discusses delegating elements of the planning activity.

    Flexibility is important: large projects need different sorts of plans to small projects and the job of planning a large project is very different from planning a small one. The course examines the planning of both large and small projects.

    Project Management Training Course

    Project Planning is one of the topics covered in this Project Management Course.


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    Project Planning

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    Project success is founded on the quality of the project planning.

    Project Planning

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