How to be a software development team leader

How to be a good software development team leader - role definition software project leader

If you want to find out what you should be doing as a project leader or team leader, or indeed as a user manager or project manager, then this is the course for you. The course covers the things that a software development project team leader should do. It shows how to asses and control risk, how to estimate and plan the team's work, how to monitor and control progress, how to report status and outlook, control the quality of the team's work, etc, etc. etc!

Role definitions of software project leader, team leader, project manager and many others are discussed, including the role of the sponsor: if the project manager, project leaader and team leader know what the sponsor should do they can encourage the sponsor to perform the role properly. This will help the project manager, team leader and the project in general be successful.

The course covers the things you need to do to be a good team leader.

Addendum: The course is no longer running (instructor retired). However, you can read all about it in this free project management book. Essentially the text of the project management course, the book is all about what you need to know and to do to be a good software development team leader.
Project Management Book.

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Free Online Project Management Book

Software development project management training course in UK

Free Online Project Management Book

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