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Project Management Course

I.T. Project Management Training Course - 3 days

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This is a comprehensive project management training course for business and IT people who are involved in IT projects, including software development projects.

The course shows how IT projects should be managed, from inception to post implementation review. People who attend the course say that it covers more ground and in more detail than many other 3-day and even 4-day project management training courses.

The course is very highly rated by those who attend. It covers a lot of material in 3 days yet is run in a relaxed manner and all will feel welcome.

This project management course is suitable for project managers and team leaders, IT developers and testers and for business people who are involved in IT projects. There are no prerequisites - no prior project management training is necessary, no IT knowledge is needed.

Project Management Training Course contents: The course describes in a readily understandable way how projects should be managed. The course covers:

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