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The course covers: (please contact us for even more detail)

  • project management principles - differences between managing operational activities and managing projects; what constitutes good, useful project management standards.
  • project definition - turning ideas into defined, planned projects; project definition workshops; business case; project definition document, PID.
  • project roles and responsibilities - project sponsor, project manager, team leader and many more. How and when to get roles defined and agreed.
  • software development lifecycle - who should do what in the Requirements, Design, etc. phases with focus on user activities. In plain English not IT jargon.
  • getting stakeholder buy in - including the role of the steering committee.
  • planning user resources for IT projects - ensuring user resources, not just IT resource, are committed to IT projects.
  • estimating - techniques for estimating how much the project might cost; top down and bottom up methods; rules of thumb, etc.
  • planning and scheduling - how to construct a schedule; value (or otherwise!) of planning tools.
  • risk management - assessing and managing risk; includes a comprehensive risk checklist and a sample risk register.
  • tracking - how to track and record project status; selling time recording to the team.
  • controlling - how to use project status data, compare to plan and identify problems.
  • status reporting - how to report status vs plan data at team level, project manager level and project sponsor level; includes sample status reporting templates.
  • issue management - how to manage issues, not just log and forget; sample forms.
  • change management - mechanisms for controlling change requests; who controls change; sample change request forms.
  • quality management - walk throughs, inspections, prototyping simulations, quality measurements, cause analysis, etc; how to get the team interested in quality.
  • stage and project completion - lessons learned meetings; capturing experience; recording plan vs actual; sample project completion record template.
  • post implementation review - assessing project success and investment return.
  • independent project support - helping project managers; project health checks; compliance monitoring.
  • putting the lessons into practice - participants consider how they might apply what they have learned to their own projects.

We regret that this course is no longer running. However, the essence of the course is now available as an online project management book - look upon it as a free online project management course.


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