Project Bibrilator

Project Bibrilator

If you're a manager and your boss tells you you've been appointed to the role of project bibrilator what would your reaction be? You'd think: I have no idea what that is, I'd better go and get some training.

But if your boss tells you you've been appointed to the role of project manager you'd hear the word manager and since you are a manager you'd assume you had all the skills needed to be a project manager. You don't. Being a project-manager is not the same as being a manager: project-manager is a different job and requires a whole set of additional skills.

If only we could replace the title "project manager" with something that does not use familiar words like manager, director, coordinator, administrator or leader. So that when anyone is given the role for the first time their instinctive reaction is it's something new and unfamiliar and something they do not know how to do.

Non-IT managers - user managers, customer managers call them what you will - play essential roles in IT projects - or should do. But many feel that since they are managers they have nothing to learn about project management. Suggest to a senior business manager he needs to go on a course with management in the title and he will take it as an insult. But project bibrilation - now there's something they know they don't know about.

(Pronunciation: Bib as in nib, ril as in hill, ator as in escalator.)

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Project Bibrilator

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A new job title is needed to replace "project manager" so that when people are first given the job they know they don't have the skills to do it.

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